Creative Toolbox: A Creative and Critical, Practical Thinking Skills Enhancer

These integrative facilitations and training programs will provide you with a wide array of creative models, strategies and techniques such as the Creative Problem Solving model, the Thinking Skills model and the Creative Arts process. It will also provide you with technologies (face to face facilitations or via the internet) and a combination of creative tools, such as FourSight, Brainstorming Forms, Clustering and so on. 

A tool is typically considered an extension of the person, designed to serve as an aid in order to accomplish a task, purposefully. These creative tools and techniques are meant to help you to discover and discern the real nature of a problem and to break patterns in order to arrive at valuable and livable solutions.

By practicing them on some meaningful projects, you will be able to clarify the situation and develop your own path in order to pursue your motivational vision until it becomes implemented into a novel, appropriate manifest creative outcome. The more you learn how to handle these creative tools, the better skilled you will become at using them at the appropriate moment, until it becomes an extension of yourself that you will adapt and modify to your own needs.

After interviewing you, gathering data and assessing the situation, I will use existing models or “uncan” them into a more Heuristics path, adapting them, stretching them or alternatively, simply innovating new and suitable models. 

I have personally designed a few practical tools such as: “Laetitia Warm Up” intended to bring you to look at things from different angles, “EcolonoArt,” a top toy tool which synthesizes the “Interactionist” approach to creativity, “Buildestiny,” a fun and tactile creative coaching card set tool that can bring you through different phases of the creative process, and "Puzzlus, some  collaborative constructive puzzles.