I have over 18 years of professional experience in innovation and industrial design, (creation/design management/ manufacturing and distribution of contemporary gift items).  In addition to my BA in Industrial Design, I have a certificate in“ Creativity at Work” from University of Massachusetts, Boston, USA and The “Creative Leadership” scientific masters program from the International Center for Studies in Creativity at Buffalo State College (State University of New York College at Buffalo; SUNY).


I am specialized in training, facilitating and coaching the creative process, and in leading product developments from ideation till implementation. 


The following proposed modules all include an innovative Accelerated Learning approach that enables Participants to evolve in an integrative way, within the various steps of the creative process. Those who choose to engage in the Creative Problem Solving process should be prepared for some  kind of personal or even emotional transformation that will foster ownership, originality and flexibility. 


Group Facilitation:  This deals with complex problems that require novel approaches in breaking inefficient process patterns. It follows the the natural creative process, supported by a resource group that helps generate much novelty, and helps you to learn how to select the Most promising ideas. (In general this includes one interview, research, and 1 or 2 sessions of 3 hours).


Developmental Facilitation: Using different CPS models, this will allow motivated individuals to team up effectively and efficiently, and to understand your own preferences, and ways of functioning while synchronizing your process and motivation with the core values of the group.  (15 to 25 hours).


Creative Coaching: Uses creative tools, strategies and techniques to enhance the discovery of your functioning patterns, preferences, strengths as well as those of others in your environment in order to better align wishes, emotions and actions. (“One on one” sessions, either face to face or  on Skype. Average engagement required: 4 to 10 sessions of an hour hour each)


Creative Problem Solving Training: You will be introduced to creative and critical thinking mechanisms and to the CPS process world.

You will learn how to apply the tools by identifying and creatively resolving real problems and conflictive situations in your personal and professional life and surrounding  environment. (18 to 25 hours)


Creative Climate Awareness: This will allow you to identify the environmental structural preferences that encourages a positive attitude, motivation, creativity and efficiency and helps you to organize your activities around that. (8 to 10 hours)


Introduction to Innovation: You will discover the combination of creative process with manufacturing and distribution that can bring you to  the world of innovation. (10 to 12hours)


Creative Leadership Training: An innovative approach which will enable you to identify the processes and preferences from which team members draw their strengths, enthusiasm and positive energy, then lead them towards synergy, efficiency and a collaborative productive climate, building teams with a clear group vision. By interacting in real situations, like a laboratory of experiences, you'll encounter personal behavioral changes, and you will gain awareness of effective processes in order to step into pro-activity. You will become skilled at transforming creative potential into promising outcomes. You’ll receive tools to empower your own leadership in everything you do. (Trainings 20 to 25 hours).


Business Identity Optimizer, Expert, Consultant, and project designer in Innovation for companies and investors

The work can be undertaken at any of the following pre-manufacture phases: Market and project situation evaluation, ergonomic design, product research and development, and product definition and solution.

The work can be done for variety of markets; in each case is taken into consideration the market size, needs and expectations. Markets can differ in their product criteria for quantity and visual language.