May 2013 - CREA Conf. Seminary (Design Thinking; Design Creativity; Applied Creative tools in business)

Feb. 2013 - OFEK, Group Experiencial in Authority, leadership in organization and Change

May 2012 - Certificate in FourSight assessment (preferences versus skills in creativity)

2010/12     - Master of Science in Creative Leadership from the International Center for Studies in Creativity, Buffalo State College, SUNY.

       (Courses: Principles & Facilitation of Group Problem Solving; Creativity Assessment& Measurement; Foundation of Teaching & training Creativity; Current studies in Creativity; Comprehensive Exam; Focuses: the therapeutic impact of the creative process & Managing Creative practitioners)

Jan. 2011   - Training in Video Editing 

Summer 2011/12  - Creative Coaching and applied leadership at CPSI

2009/2010  - “Creativity at Work” Certificate at UMass Boston  in the CCTdepartment 

(Courses: Seminar in Creativity, Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Process of Research & Engagement, Collaboration & Change Leadership

2006/2007  - Studies in order to better understand and interpret signs and symbols of the world (Advanced Courses in Numerology, Astrology & Tarot)

2005          - Courses in Video Recording

1997/1999  - Jewelry and Lost Wax courses (250 hrs)

1995          - Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, School of Industrial Design, (Courses: Silk Screen and Wood Technology).

1990/94     - School of Industrial Design, Carleton University, Canada. Bachelor of Industrial Design with Distinction

(Major thesis: Language Adaptable on Convertible Sports Cars; Minor: Navigational Device GPSbracelet, designed years before it existed).

1989/90     - Business Management and Marketing Diploma at the I.H.E.C., Jerusalem.

1988/89     - Business Management and Administration (G.E.A.) at the Paris Institute of Technology

1988         - French Baccalaureate A1, High School Diploma (Mathematics and Philosophy)



May 2013       - Presenter at CREA Conference, Italy (two Expeiential seminary designs: "Psychological phases encountered while creating" & "from an emotion, how to clarify and transform a concern using Expressive art Modes").

2011/2012      - individual coaching sessions; Presentations on Creativity, Basic Facilitations and Two Developmental Facilitations in France, US, Israel and Morocco. Experimental facilitations using Expressive Arts modes. Consultancies related to process for creative projects.

Summer 2010 - Two Group Facilitations; few Creative Coaching sessions.

Jan.1997/00/01/04 - Design Exhibition at the International Show "Maison & Objet", Villepinte (France), Gift Show in Sydney (2001),  Morocco, Israel, US

Since Jan.1996 - Develop Laetistyle Studio, Designs, manufactures and edits a full range of designs (Exhibition Design/ Interior Design/ Graphic & packaging Design/ Gift items/Corporate identity optimizer; Gifts and more).

Design and Project management undertaken at any needed phase of the creative process in Innovation

          See Laetistyle Résumé and go to the following websites: and

Winter 1996   - Worked at the Design Studio of Uri Zeidman, Tel-Aviv (Product and Interior Design)

Fall 1995        - Worked at Zog Design Ltd and received a short training on Alias, Sillicongraphics.

June 1995          - Worked at Ephraim Pavi Architect Studio, Jerusalem. (Development of lighting system, training on 3D software)

Dec. 1994          - Managed the Exhibition Design of J.L.D. Info, Paris. (Logo, Computer Show, Design Exhibition, etc)

Nov.1994         - Fashion Design accessories for "Oh! les filles“ Collection.

Summer 1993 - Professional Internship at the Multimedia Workshop of V.I.A. (Valorization  and Innovation of Furniture trades), Paris.

April-May 1990- Responsible for the Art & Craft Workshop as a G.O. (Gentil Organisator) at the Club Mediteranee of Eilat, Israel.

Summer 1989   - Accounting Assistant at the Mountain Travel Co., Berkeley, California.

1988/89            - Participated in the development of a family business of Vending Machines (Paris).



C.A.D.: 2D:    Very good control of CorelDraw, QuarkXPress and Photoshop; Good notion of Illustrator

3D:                  Arc+ and MiniCad; and basics of Alias, Sillicongraphics; AutoCad;Google SketchUp; 3D Plateform: OpenQwaq, Icube.

Word Processor: MSWord, WordPerfect, Power Point

Data Base:       Software Development on DBase III+; Multiplan, Lotus and Microsoft Excel

Video Editing: Adobe Premiere, Power Video Maker Pro

Web editor:; Microsolft Expression Web; Cute FTP8 Professional. 



French:  Mother Tongue/ English: Bilingual . Hebrew: Fluent . Russian: School studies



World Wide traveler & resident; Multicultural; Very sociable; empathic; gain trust of teams with ease. Responsible and reliable; Multi-intelligences; high ability to sway within ambiguity without getting confused, to clarify and to rationalize abstract concepts into tangibility; Innovator; Integrator; authentic, congruent; constructive; adapt to most situations with perspicacity.