The Creative and her creations: Laetistyle  Design!


Since 1995, Laetitia Levy, Industrial designer and Creativity professional, has established Laetistyle, an entrepreneurial business in global design and Innovation. It consists mainly of designing both for third parties and its own products line, leading and managing over 30 different types of materials and manufacturing processes, and distributing for the gift and ritual contemporary market.

Other activities include exhibition design, interior design, packaging, graphic and brochures design and printing, furniture accessories, trophies, jewellery, restaurant supplies, website design and, video editing, business identity optimizing and name founding, workshops developement and facilitation in Creativity and much more.

Laetistyle Design offers a proprietary collection of handmade quality finished objects using over 30 different type of materials and manufacturing processes.  The line is distinguished not only by its decorative features, but also by its quality, functionality and purity.


From ideation to implementation, with already over 200 successful products on the market ( & )

Since its founding, Laetistyle has excelled in: 

- Product Design Development: currently offers over 200 designs on the market; some have inspired and influenced worldwide many trends! 

- Design awards and recognitions: Multiple magazine articles have been written about Laetitia Levy and her designs. Some of the items have been featured on TV Shows(Canal + Bonaldi, 1997)

- LD products won the Packaging Award, Bronze Metal (awarded by the Ministry of Trade and

Industry in Israel for a “luxury” Insulated bottle holder)

- Commercial attractiveness: LD supplies its creations to hotels (Hilton, Sheraton, Meridien),

restaurants (MoulA Yam, King Salomon, etc) and exclusive stores (flower stores, wine and gourmet

stores, cigars and men’s products stores and gift stores.

- Examples are: Davidoff of Geneva on Madison Av., UN Boutique (New York City), Rotem, Bauhaus

Centre (Tel Aviv), Museum Stores (Tel-Aviv Museum, Jewish

Museums of Paris, Brussels, London, Amsterdam and San Francisco), Karlstadt (Germany),

Birchgroove (England), Maison Cap, La Samaritaine, Detrad (France), etc.

- Corporate gifts for TV5MONDE Broadcast, Different Cultural French Institutes, Wafabank, Reuters,..

- Trophies for Golf Club (Royal Golf of Morocco, etc) and Film Festival awards (Internal Mediterranean

Film Festival), trophies for various companies (Chamber of commerce, etc).

Laetistyle Design has successfully participated in the International Exhibition of "Maison et Objet “in

Paris (France) in 1997, 1998, 2000 and 2001 and exhibited at the "Carrefour des Arts" in Rabat in

Morocco in 1999, the Apbnf of the National Library of François Mitterrand (2001), France/Israel Show (2003), ICE Israel Show (2007 & 2008) and much more ….
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